VERBUNDEN | CONNECTED  |  2017 | canvas  | 40x60cm  | oil, ink, chalk | sold | privately property

Green earth, umber greenish – a ground that carries many things. Earth colours, colours of nature.
The ground is divided into two parts. Asymmetrical course. A slightly ascending horizontal line runs through the picture and divides it. No beginning and no end. Only a section that appears here.
In the lower area, greenish umber. Above the black line, green earth. The heavy below the lighter above. The heavy is the root of the light.
A powerful sweep of black ink forms a line and, like an umbilical cord, connects two circles that enclose. Two pearls, one large, the other small, connected several times by a thick and a thin line. The thin one is made of white chalk.
The inside of the circles, the core, is strikingly light.